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On-Site Water Protection Branch

Approved On-Site Wastewater Products

The On-Site Water Protection Branch approves proprietary products and systems in accordance with the laws and rules. These systems and products include, but are not limited to: aerobic treatment units, septic tanks and pump tanks, risers and pipe penetrations for septic tanks and pump tanks, effluent filters for septic tanks, media filters used for advanced wastewater treatment, and other treatment and dispersal systems.

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 Provisional, Innovative, and Accepted Systems

Provisional, Innovative, and Accepted systems are defined under General Statute 130A-343 and approved in accordance with Rule Section .1700 - Approval and Permitting of Wastewater Systems, Technologies, Components, or Devices. These systems are not listed or identified anywhere else in the rules.

Contact: Trish Angoli, PE, 919-707-5878


Approved Innovative Systems

Approved Provisional and Controlled Demonstration Systems

Approved Experimental Systems

  • Field assessment of the performance specifically of the W.A.S.T.E. X-Box Component (WXBC) installed within or immediately adjacent to nitrification trenches for both new and/or repair systems
  • Field Assessment of the performance of subsurface wastewater systems utilizing the 12 inch diameter EZflow 1201GEO system
  • Gravelless trench research and demonstration: Evaluation of 15 inch PE tubing for use in gravelless nitrification application for sewage disposal
  • High organic wastewater pretreatment system research: Evaluate "Nibbler, Jr." pretreatment systems for high organic waste reduction
  • Sand filter modular design research and demonstration:  Approval of application for proposed experimental/innovative sand filter system to be installed at NCSU Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory
  • Tire chip substitution for rock aggregate in standard bed/fill and “Brunswick” bed/fill systems
  • Wetlands research project – Evaluation of on-site wastewater treatment designs integrating constructed wetlands

Approved Accepted Systems

Suspended Approvals

Draft Approvals/Approvals Under Review

None presently available.

General Application Information

Laws and Rules

 Tanks and Appurtenances

All prefabricated tanks used in North Carolina (septic, grease, pump, dosing, siphon, recirculation) for on-site wastewater treatment systems and the appurtenances used with the tanks (effluent filters, risers, and pipe penetration seals) must be approved by the On-Site Water Protection Branch. Designs for these products are submitted to the state and reviewed and approved by Branch engineers.

Contact: Tricia Angoli, 919-707-5878

Effluent Filters

Plastic and Fiberglass Tanks

Risers and Lids

Septic/Pump Tank Pipe Penetration Seals

 Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems (RWTS or Aerobic Treatment Units -- ATUs)

A residential wastewater treatment system (RWTS) is a wastewater treatment system that has been approved and listed to comply with Class I effluent standards adopted by NSF International, under NSF Standard 40, in accordance with General Statute 130A-342. RWTS have been verified during testing to meet EPA’s secondary treatment standards and can have a design daily flow up to 1,500 gallons per day. These units are reviewed and approved under 15A NCAC 18A .1957(c) by Branch engineers.

Contact: Tricia Angoli, 919-707-5878

On-Site Water Protection Branch Information